Hi there! I started this blog to document my adventures in home improvement on my 1926 Storybook Tudor (aka The Gingerbread House).

When we bought the house almost 4 years ago, the previous owner had done a lot of updates, some better than others…New kitchen, glass block windows in the basement, and custom wood storm windows for the original windows in the living room? Great! Generic big-box light fixtures and already-failing vinyl windows in one of the bedrooms? Bleh.

We haven’t done much to the house so far, but I’ve been slowly picking up the pace on improvements. In the process, I’ve found it really difficult and time-consuming to find good resources on the types of fixtures and finishes that would be appropriate to our house’s style and where to buy them. As someone whose job involves a lot of research (so I should be good at it!), this difficulty is quite frustrating.

My hope is that this blog can provide a place to compile those resources, for both myself and others, while also chronicling my house’s history and evolution over time.

If there are topics or questions you want me to dig into, let me know in the comments!

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